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Ela's unique specialty, combined acupuncture, and massage treatment in one session. 

Acupuncture was developed in ancient China as the primary form of medical treatment, and was practiced throughout Asia, including Korea and Japan. Western medicine now recognizes the efficacy and benefits of acupuncture for the prevention and treatment of various illnesses. In addition, acupuncture assists in maintaining a healthy body.

The foundation of acupuncture is the stimulation of electromagnetically charged points located on various energy pathways in the body known as “meridians.” This is done through the insertion of very fine filaments thin as a human hair. Treatment is administered at the different meridians for the treatment of different illnesses.

Numerous conditions can be cured, dramatically reduced or stabilized through acupuncture, including acute and chronic pain (muscular, neuralgic, and joint-located); endocrine and immune system imbalances, nervous system-related disorders (anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress); digestive and reproductive system disorders.

Ela specializes in Japanese Meridian style acupuncture, a non-invasive, safe and painless method based on the gentle palpation of various “points” on the meridians of the human body, followed by very shallow insertion of needles. Part of the treatment might also include:

  • "Moxabustion," direct warming of the skin with small cones made of "moxa," the pure fiber of the mugworth plant, which decreases pain, inflammation and water retention;

  • "Gua Sha," skin "scraping" to stimulate the local "qi" and blood flow; and

  • "Cupping, " which stimulate "qi" and blood flow with vacuum cups.​



Prior to treating a patient, Ela obtains a complete medical history and profile of the patient, thereby enabling her to determine the unique needs of each patient. Ela then designs a treatment program uniquely created to treat each patient’s particular needs.

Contact Ela today and schedule a free no obligation private confidential consultation. Ela can provide acupuncture treatment to you at her clinic, and, if requested, at your home.

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