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Ela's unique specialty combines acupuncture 

and massage treatment in one session. 

AcuMassa is a unique individualized treatment combining a variety of  acupuncture and massage techniques. This therapy was created exclusively by Ela Siragusa after years of experience and advanced training in both acupuncture and massage. 


After the initial consultation, Ela will determine the most beneficial formula to treat and uncover any imbalances the patient is experiencing. Treatments can vary from one hour to one and a half hours. 

I actually had a shoulder injury leaving me with limited rotation and pain.  I kept thinking it would work itself out and go away, but it got worse with pain starting to radiate towards my elbow.  That is when I went to Ela.  She did massage and acupuncture.  By the 3rd day after, I knew something was changing.  After about two more sessions over a couple of weeks, my rotation was coming back and soon after was normal and all pain was gone. Ela is a gifted healer." 

- Christina G

Treatment and techniques may consist of:

• Moxabustion
• Cupping
• Gua Sha
• TDP Lamp
• Herbal Formulas Suggestions
• Myofascial Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Swedish Massage
• Trigger Points
• Yoga Posture Recommendations 


  • "Moxabustion," direct warming of the skin with small cones made of "moxa," the pure fiber of the mugworth plant, which decreases pain, inflammation and water retention;

  • "Gua Sha," skin "scraping" to stimulate the local "qi" and blood flow; and

  • "Cupping, " which stimulate "qi" and blood flow with vacuum cups.​


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