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Ela's unique specialty combines acupuncture 

and massage treatment in one session. 


  • Jing Qi (ESSENCE) is the primary force in the growth, development & maintenance of the metabolism, and other activities. 

  • As a physical force it is related to hormone supply. 

  • As an energetic force it associate with will power, creativity and enthusiasm.

  • Human life is a process of the gradual reduction of the fundamental vital power we are born with (Jing Qi - Essence).

  • Stress coming lifestyle, relationships, over work, traumatic injuries, pregnancy, illnesses... this all affects the Jing Qi quality and flow.

  • Shakuju Acupuncture removes constrains of the Jing Qi flow. 

  • Treating the energy of the spinal system, the body accesses and utilizes the deep reserve of latent vitality. 




Shoji Kobayashi Sensei - The shakuju style of acupuncture is the work of Dr. Kobayashi, from Japan. He has more than 41 years of experience in this acupuncture style. Shakuju is gaining widespread acceptance in the United States. 


Prior to treatment: Wear comfortable clothing, as the treatment requires palpation of the abdomen, limbs and the back.


At the treatment: Sterile acupuncture needles and moxibustion, a topical warming herb may be included in the treatment. 


For infants, children, pregnant women and hypertensitive patients we use non-insertive needles. 


Post treatment: Keep hydrated with warm/room temperature fluids. Regrain from cold drinks and alcohol. 


Avoid strenous exercise, swimming or hot baths (showers only) until the following day.


Retire early to bed. 

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