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​​Miheala is pleased to offer an expanded course of services with the addition of the G5 Contour System. There are many combinations of beneficial treatments that can be provided through this process.

World Class Quality G5® Massage Therapy System is the "Gold Standard" in the beauty industry, physical therapy and sports medicine industries!

The internationally acclaimed G5® Massage Therapy System is the only mechanical massager with 3 unique therapeutic actions for greater benefits: Multiple-Direction Stroking, Gyratory Action & Percussion Action. The G5® massager comes with a variety of applicator heads allowing us to offer a vast range of massage techniques. G5® is the perfect conductor of deep tissue clearance ideal for relaxing tense muscles, improving skin contour & assisting with weight loss.

The G5® Massage Therapy System increases lymphatic flow, breaks down stubborn fatty deposits, reduces the appearance of cellulite, boosts production of Elastin & Collagen, improves blood circulation. Incorporate this treatment into a slimming program and see faster results with long-term effects. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of a G5® massage, sports men and women experience immediate relief of muscle spasm and lactic build up from over exercising.

Ela creates personalized protocols, designed to suit the specific needs and body shapes of individual clients.

Contact Ela to learn more and schedule a G5 Contour massage treatment today.


- Lymphatic Drainage

- Slimming and Reducing
- Full Body Exfoliation
- Relaxation Treatment
- Reflexology
- Detoxification
- Myofascial Release
- Scar tissue Reduction


- Deep Muscle & Tissue Work
- Lower Back Pain
- Stiff Neck
- Acupressure (Shiatsu)
- Scalp
- Sinus / Nasal Congestion
- Headaches
- Circulatory Stimulation
- Stress Reduction


- Lower Back
- Arm
- Shoulder
- Leg
- Knee
- Muscle Spasm
- Muscle Toning
- Atrophy Prevention

Try the new technologically advanced G5 contour massage treatment. Your first G5 trial is completely free with purchase of any other regular treatment!

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