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"I originally sought Ela for fertility-related acupuncture needs. I had seen one previous acupuncturist and was turned off by the sterile office building setting; also the practitioner and I didn’t seem to click. I’m a physician assistant so I’m deeply rooted in Western medicine and now I know I needed the right person to make me feel comfortable with alternative medicine practices. 


I found Ela to be very warm, nurturing and easy to be with. She is also a massage therapist and has an amazing talent for touch. Her treatment room is so cozy and welcoming.  


I continued to see Ela through some very trying fertility treatments and now throughout a successful pregnancy! Her treatments provided immediate stress relief, which I needed more than anything. I so look forward to our weekly appointment, despite it being on the opposite side of the city. I would probably travel hours to see her if necessary! 


I’ve referred several family members and friends, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Ela to anyone for a multitude of ailments/conditions."

- Kenzie

"Ela has been my massage therapist for over 10 years. She has assisted in getting me through not only some painful aspects of several pregnancies but also soothed some muscular and internal concerns as well that were unrelated to pregnancy. Her use of Japanese accupuncture techniques has only enhanced my massage sessions. She is able to assess my current condition immediately and plan a treatment that results in not only relaxation, but also aids or resolves the condition, be it a muscle ache or pull,  or a gastroenteric woe. I can highly recommend her as a professional who uses all her highly skilled and trained resources to help you feel better in every way." ​​

- Amy B.​​​

"Ela has a positive effect on my total health through massage therapy, acupuncture, and as a yoga professional and educator. She has helped put me in touch with my body. Her concern for my overall health goes beyond the massage table. She listens to my concerns and modifies each treatment to address them.

Ela is intuitive, authentic, reliable and trustworthy.  It is clear that what she does is her life-work. Ela has used acupuncture to prepare me for surgery and after to promote healing.

I have a hiatal hernia and therefore have serious bouts with acid reflux.  Ela has successfully used masssage and acupuncture to reduce the acid in my stomach.  I can feel the difference.  Also, she has greatly relieved, if not eliminated pain associated with sciatica, Morton's neuroma and planter faciatis." 

- Judith H.

"I began working with Ela in October 2009 to complement my fertility treatments and have continued working with her consistently since then. Ela is so attentive to what is going on with my body and tailors each treatment to my changing needs. She is always willing to accommodate my schedule meeting at her office or my home - whatever I choose. It is a good day when I know I get to see Ela!" 

- Alex J.  

"Ela had been my massage therapist for several years and I was extremely happy with the effects of her expert treatments. Nevertheless, even though I knew she was a qualified and experienced acupuncturist, I never wanted to have an acupuncture session with her, primarily because I was a skeptic of this treatment modality.

I had had some acupuncture treatments in the past somewhere else that had had no noticeable effect on my frozen shoulder and I was not interested in trying again.
One winter I had a particularly bad time with my "frozen shoulder," not only with pain but also because I simply could not lift my arm higher than my waist. At that time, after my massage session with Ela, when she suggested acupuncture, I decided to give it another try.

It was a remarkable experience in several ways. First of all, she uses Japanese style acupuncture. The insertion is very superficial and the needles are so fine that there is no discomfort at all, even in the most tender trigger points.


Most importantly, I could not believe that after just one brief session my arm was functional again and the pain was gone. Subsequently Ela has treated me many times with acupuncture for headaches, sinus pain and congestion and hip pain, with invariably good results. In my opinion, based on my wide personal experience as a patient, Ela is the best massage and acupuncture therapist one can find."

- Gabriela R.


"I am very particular in choosing a massage therapist and Ela is the best. I actually had a shoulder injury leaving me with limited rotation and pain.  I kept thinking it would work itself out and go away, but it got worse with pain starting to radiate towards my elbow.  That is when I went to Ela.  She did massage and acupuncture.  By the 3rd day after, I knew something was changing.  After about two more sessions over a couple of weeks, my rotation was coming back and soon after was normal and all pain was gone. Ela is a gifted healer." 

- Christina G.

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