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What is Shakuju Therapy you ask?

According to the Shakuju Association, they say the following:

Shakuju Therapy is an acumoxa therapy based on Oriental thoughts.

That is, the therapy is based on the concept of qi. In this therapy, illness is treated as qi deviation and stagnation, and all “sho” (pattern) to a person’s condition is examined by the concept of qi.

The ultimate origin of all illness is explained by fundamental cold (Hie).

Treatment consists of moving qi in the body and eradicating fundamental cold (Hie)

In general, the Japanese word, hie, means coldness and cold temperature, but fundamental cold (Hie) in this context, means a decline of the body’s vital force and vacuity of Jing qi.

The abdominal and dorsal regions are emphasized in this therapy. Abnormal findings in the abdomen, shaku and ju, are the primary sources of diagnostic information and the treatment is performed on the dorsal region accordingly.

The treatment procedure is as follows.

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To lear more, visit their site ( or contact Ela Siragusa and experience the treatment for yourself.

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